Feminist Health Care Research Group Berlin
Past: Turning illness into weapon, Sick Leave, Missy Radio, Taking Care of Ourselves
Upcoming: Being in Crisis Together, Research Library

     Feminist health care research group Berlin

We, Alice Münch, Julia Bonn and Inga Zimprich, are a group of women* artists, who meet on a weekly bases in Berlin. We aim to develop independent and feminist perspectives on the broad field of health, on wellbeing, our bodies, disease and care.
As a feminist research group we want to negotiate how we gather and distribute knowledge collectively and we allow this process of learning to have an impact on our lives. We work by exploring methods and exercises within the group, and by visiting and learning from initiatives, groups and institutions, who have developed alternatives in health care. We publish our research in workshops and zines.
Currently we read and research about feminist therapy and the health care movement in Kreuzberg, which was particularly strong during the 1980ies as part of the women's movement and squatting scene. From June 2016 on our meetings take place at Heilehaus.

Our regular local group emerged from the feminist health care research group, which was initiated in spring 2015 by Inga Zimprich and dissolved by the end of that year. Part of this group have been Alice Münch, Emilia Muller-Ginorio, Feli Reuschling, Inga Zimprich, Ingela Johansson, Isabell Gross, Isabella Schiele, Johanna Gustavsson, Julia Bonn, Julia Entner, Tijana Stevanovic, We had organized two larger group meetings in Berlin: Our initial meeting at Flutgraben in the frame of Inverse Institution in May 2015 and Sick Leave at District Berlin in November 2015. Both meetings have resulted in self-published zines.