March 29th - April 18th

Workshop: 29.03. - 02.04. semi-public, please contact the organizers
Daily events: 29.03. - 02.04. 8pm Arttransponder
Public Presentation: Saturday 04.04.2009 12 am to 6 pm
Exhibition: 04.04.2009 - 18.04.2009

with: AltRoom (Kyryl Komarov, Anna Pugacheva), Larissa Babij, Christiane Büchner, Robert Burghardt, Ania Corcilius, Hiltrud Ebert, Kathrin Peters, Gruppa Predmetov (Olexandr Burlaka, Ivan Melnichuk), Mathias Heyden, Andrei Holm, Kerstin Karge, Alevtina Kakhidze, Folke Köbberling/Martin Kaltwasser, Volodymyr Kuznetsov, Lada Nakonechna, Nana Petzet, Inken Reinert, Janine Sack, Birgit Schumacher, Florian Wüst, Inga Zimprich, Anya Zvyagintseva and others.

Homestories II
German and Ukrainian artists, architects and curators present and discuss their impressions, critique, their ideas, hopes and visions about the notion of home as the interface between the private and the public. Homestories II invites the German and Ukrainian participants of the Kyiv-workshop and asks them to further develop their ideas and to (re-) apply their working theses in Berlin. On the one hand young Ukrainian architects (via internet and print media) study Berlin's glossy urban development projects as role models for planning the future of Kyiv. On the other hand many inner city areas of Berlin have become sites of massive gentrification. This compares to the growth of luxury apartment towers in the city of Kyiv, where as a result of the increasing wealth among the newly rich upper class, rents even for the old buildings are exploding and subsequently people with low or average income are being expelled.

The transposition of different cultural knowledge as well as the mutual experience from the on site discussions in various Kyiv neighbourhoods and apartments offer an opportunity for us to develop an interesting program on the notion of dwelling at Arttransponder. With another exhibition and series of performances, screenings and lectures at the end of our workshop we will be looking one more time on the private home as a focal point of political, economical, cultural, social and psychological factors determining the ways we live and how we define ourselves both as individuals and as members of a larger society.

Visiting various hosts in their private apartments, we enter into personal dialog with people who work themselves with different aspects of dwelling. Artists living in a landmark modernist building, neighbourhood activists, will give very specific input to our discussions. Excursions to places like Berlin-Gropiusstadt, Karl-Marx-Allee, Stadtteilmuseum Kreuzberg, Suburbs, Rummelsburger Bucht with its new Town Houses deliver a frame in which to compare the situation in Kyiv and Berlin.

Key issues of Homestories II will be: gentrification, tenant's rights, the notion of privacy, blurring boundaries between living and working spaces, consumption and recycling.

Throughout the project the exhibition-space Arttransponder will be used as a workstation for all participants.

A new issue of the publication Super Perestroijka will collect contributions of all workshop-participants. In the evenings artists and architects will give work presentations or organize on-topic film screenings, which will be open to an external audience. The program for the final public presentation unfolds as the workshop is put into action. New works developed by Ukrainian and German participants will be on view for the duration of the project.