Ordnungen der Liebe
What went wrong with Manifesta 6

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Manifesta 6 was curated by Mai Abu ElDahab,
Anton Vidokle and Florian Waldvogel.
It proposed the concept of a three month long
school to be set on Cyprus, an island
divided between Greek and Turkish Cypriots.
By means of an open call students were selected
for three different departments, each being run by one
curator and several advisors.

Due to severe difficulties amongst the involved parties
the entire project got cancelled.
Subsequently Nicosia for the Arts sued
the three curators and prohibited any further application
of the project's concept.
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Contrasting the projects explicitly transnational character,
present in the choice of a divided and politically conflictuous location,
as well as in the choice of participants and the department's themes
I decided to search for a reflection on the project's failure
in my hometown Mönchengladbach.

Ursula Siemann works as therapist and alternative practitioner.
Her work is characterized by her outstanding capacity and experience
and by an unbelievable amount of intuition.
Systemic family work is a therapeutic method developed by
Bert Hellinger (1925) a former Christian missionaire and psychoanalyst.
Systemic family work investigates
the basic laws at work in social organizations
by positioning representatives.
Hellinger's work is amongst others documented in books
as Ordnungen der Liebe (Carl Auer Publishing).